An API driven helper tool for casual League of Legends gamers.

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League of Legends Tier List

This tier list is built from data, analysed by thousands and thousands of games that are being played and the data that has come from that, we have condensed into an easy overview for you. Tierlist.gg has been put together by game designers and is a working progress, so keep coming back to see more and more updates over the next few days and weeks.

Tierlist.gg provides analytical information driven by API to help new and veteran players have a better experience

API Driven

We gather our data from the most reliable sources and feed them into well presented UI for our users to take into their gameplay experience. With a steady rate of returning visitors and ongoing AB testing on the site, we are confident we work toward creating an improved UX, continuously.

Our system

Our data is updated once to twice per day, when we recieve the data we also calculate a champion score based off a few different factors like play rates, ban rates, win percentages, kda and win rate. The top 3 of those scored, reach the Tierlist God Tier and will be visible on the map when you visit our website.

Auto Blogger

With so much data and so many variables, we are able to post blogs that use an algorythm tied to our main database that can help us write blog posts that is entirely tailored to our system and its functions.